Best Website for Technology Tips and Tricks:


Now this is the most important and number 1 in the list for sure!

Founded by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky in 2008 it has quickly gained enormous amount of reputation worldwide!

Gaining over 13.7 million traffic gained till date it is one of the most popular destinations till date.

This site has the question answer feature which gives an open platform to ask anything related tech specially for developers and programmers worldwide!

It has also a job and career section where both employers and employees can get the best opportunity to work with the best people in the industry.

With more than 5.4 million traffic worldwide is the next popular site.

So if you are looking for some best technology news website,hot trends,interviews,inside news then Techcrunch can be your one stop destination for sure.

Here you can find news ranging from Mobiles, Gadgets to the latest business tech news of Asia.

You name it. They deliver it.

It is that great!

Now if you love the latest gadgets and the latest news about your favorite iphone then surely you can go for this website.

They not only have the news ready for you but you can always check their latest reviews,slideshows,videos only to amaze you.

You can compare your favorite gadgets, know their ins and out and then can but the right product of your choice!

It is a must watch for technoholics and one thing is for sure it will never disappoint you!

PC Magazine

PC Magazine also known as (PCMag) is an American pc magazine founded by Ziff Davis is undoubtedly one of the best tech magazine available online today.

It is one of those rare flavors of tech website where you can find everything PC related and beyond.

Maybe it is about the latest processor launched by Intel or some extreme innovative development in PC industry, you are covered! and believe me it is world class!

It has popular sections like How-TO,Opinions,Features etc which can really fascinating and bound you to comeback every time!

So next time when you are going to buy your next laptop,give it a shot and you will never regret!

Now needs no introduction and just delivers the excellent as you need!

No nonsense talks, you can expect the reviews of mobile phone,PCs at its best.

The best of the site is the deal section where you can find the best deals which I suppose is the best thing to do here!

No more talks! Just check it out once!

Like it sounds the extremetech is really the extreme among all!

With over than 548K Traffic till date it is one of the most respected websites till date.

It not only have the recent pc or mobile news but if you are interested about gaming, cars and general science then this is the place for you to go.

Now if you need a tech website which you can digest more easily then it should be

If you first go to their website the first thing you notice is their simple but very user friendly design.

The navigation is just like silk smooth and most importantly it loads really first!

You can find all the regular section you want to know about tech world.

The best feature is that they have a ‘CHATS’ section which is basically a forum you can join and discuss anything related tech.

Now how about that?

Now if you ask me my favorite I mention a tech website I really admire named

It is a new name compared to the other I mentioned but really build their authority quickly!Now this is what is blogging all about.

It is crisp, fast and updated always.

If you are a new blogger and blogging is a passion for you,I really recommend this website.

Visit it once and you can really like why I am telling this.

Last Words:

I hope you really enjoyed my post and found it helpful in your search for daily tech news and tech needs.

If you know any such other sites I missed please do comment. I would be more than happy.

Have a good day ahead!


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