How to Setup Dlink Wi-fi Router?

So, you have bought D-Link router and now you can experience fast Wi-Fi up and running. Setting up the device is not an issue. It involves certain steps to know how to configure router Dlink. Here are few steps that would help you setup Dlink Wi-Fi router.

There are few checklist that you need to see in the Box

Well, older device may used to have a setup wizard CD instead of Wi-Fi card. Your box consist of

  • Router
  • Power adapter
  • Ethernet cable
  • Wi-Fi Configuration Card
  • LAN Cable
  • Quick install guide

Before you Start

Users with DSL providers: PPPoE username and password is mandatory, if you are using PPPoE connection. Contact your internet service provider to collect the required particulars.

Users with Cable providers: Make sure whether you have unplugged the power to your modem.

Users with a Modem/Router combo: If your service provider has given you modem, you need to set it to bridge mode so your Dlink router can work with ease.

Setup Instructions

Step 1: Connect the power adapter to a socket and your router.

Step 2: Connect the Ethernet cable to Wide Area Network or Internet port of both your modem and router.

Step 3: Give it moment, indication of lights shows that device is ready.

Step 4: Head to your mobile or computer device.

Step 5: Open your internet browser and enter in address bar.

Step 6: You will be guided to Dlink quick router setup wizard, Select next to begin.

Step 7: Look in your network preferences and click on Wi-Fi name found on the provided wireless card and enter password also listed on the card.

The Router would determine by scanning the type of internet service you have. If it is successful, internet setup is the next step.

Depending on the scan results, you will be guided to select your internet type:

  • DHCP Connection: Cable Internet Service
  • Username: Username provided by your ISP( Internet Service Provider)
  • Password: Password provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Next procedure is wireless settings. Enter wireless network name and password. This password is needed when connecting to your wireless signal for the first time.

Enter a password for Router. This password is required whenever you want to configure your Router.

Select your Time Zone. Once it is done, summary of wireless settings are displayed on to the screen. This includes wireless network name and password. Click on save.

With mydlink Cloud Services, you can control, monitor, and manage your house network from any part of the world using mydlink mobile app or mydlink web portal. You can also check how many devices are being connected to your network.

Now, that router will reboot and apply new settings, setup is complete. You can connect your computer to your new wireless network.

For hybrid WAN and SD-WAN monitoring, use ThousandEyes enabling you to understand your WAN performance –

Well, this information given above might serve you as the guidelines, while you are setting up a Dlink Wi-Fi router. Thanks for reading!


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