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Tips for Building the Perfect Backyard Deck

Of course, not everyone even really needs a deck. I would bet that mostly what you are looking to create is a special area for entertaining and relaxing. If that is true, and the budget just doesn’t allow the cost of building a deck, why not create a simple patio area instead? You can use the basic cement patio tiles we all see at the local hardware store, and set them in a spot that is levelled by digging in and filling it with sand. You might also need deck coating to protect your deck from the weather, and while we’re thinking about whether, products like this adirondack chair are resistant to most of the different seasonal elements so you won’t have to worry about your patios furnishing getting damaged

For those of you who want a softer look, leave the dirt in and plant a ground cover to grow in the spaces between the tiles. If you use an aromatic herb such as creeping rosemary it will even give off a beautiful smell when you walk across it. While a small patio may not be as impressive as a deck, this is the kind of space you can create in a weekend and use all summer long.

Pallets and other Cheap Materials

There is a reason that pallet decks have become so popular in the last few years. They are so easy to create and of course the material is very cheap, even free sometimes. We do want to point out that it is not cool to steal pallets from the local liquor store or grocery, no matter how tempting it may be when you see then stacked up outside their back door!

When you use the pallets for a deck, be sure you wear gloves when handling them until you have had a chance to sand them down. The rough wood can be hard on hands. But once they are sanded down, hopefully with an electric sander to make it fast and easy, you can paint them or finish them any way you wish. YouTube has hundreds of easy to follow DIY videos that will show you how to make that thrown away pallet into a cool deck or even a couple of benches inside the deck. Any recycled wood you can lay your hands on can be used this way, so if there is construction in your area, be sure to ask if you can take the scraps home.

The Sky is the Limit

Truth is, there are so many easy ways to build a deck without investing in big bucks and lots of labor, it is really just a matter of doing a search online for building plans. From floating decks that skip the foundation part of building, to upgrading what you have with a bit of paint, you can make that backyard a place to hang in this summer. Plan now for a summer you will brag about to your neighbors for years to come.


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