Tips on Refacing Your Old Kitchen Cabinets

To start with the refacing of your cabinets, first of all, you’re required to check if your cabinets are capable of being revitalised for next 8-10 years. In case, your cabinet’s body is damaged, you need to get them replaced. If you’re unable to do this estimation on your own, you can call an expert. Such professionals are good at their work and can advice you about the required repairs.

Why to Go For Refacing?

You must be wondering why you should go for refacing your bathroom and kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them. It’s worth mentioning here that refacing leaves your cabinets intact thereby avoiding the efforts and expenses required in replacement. Therefore, going with cabinet refacing will give you new cabinets with less complication.

How Good Is Refacing?

Refacing your cabinets can be a good option for you in case your cabinets are in good condition having sturdy frames. The extent to which you want to go with refurbishment of cabinets depends upon you. Simply restaining or painting can bring dramatic effect to your kitchen and bathroom. Sometimes, it’s better to go with replacement of drawer fronts and doors. This can give a complete new look to your interiors.

Additionally, you can go with the replacement of knobs, pulls and hardware, if you’re looking for something nice and affordable. You can also go with the repairing job for damaged wood. In case, you reside in USA, and are looking for refacing experts, you can reach good contractors at cabinet refacing Cleveland, OH.

Permit Requirement

If you’re not changing plumbing or electrical, there’s no need of a permit. You can discuss your project with a professional and can enquire local building department for additional clarifications on permit. Such information will not only save your time, but will also ensure that you don’t get struck with any legal hassles in future. Project completion won’t take much time and requires one to four weeks depending upon the intensity of the work. Therefore, plan it as per the best climate in your area.


Hope this guide will give you clear idea on the feasibility of refacing your kitchen and bathroom cabinets rather than going with complete replacements.


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